Tooth wear management

Tooth wear management


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Information course

This unique course is a collaboration with Andrew Chandrapal (@drfloss) in which we take you through the hands on part to solve tooth wear. In 3 days we take you into a theoretical deepening of the structured diagnostics, etiology and treatment planning of tooth wear. In addition, all afternoons are filled with hands-on training. During the course you will learn different techniques to treat wear with composite, based on a wax-up. How do you build up a molar anatomically correct? Different stent and shell techniques are discussed and the afternoons are spent on this practical side of the course. Which dentist doesn't like to putter with composite and working with their hands?

It is best to participate in this course if you have followed at least module I and II. You can also participate if you have completed a function and occlusion course elsewhere. Do you doubt whether you have sufficient background knowledge? Please contact us via the contact form or via info@bitedentistry.nl before you register.

learning goals

  • Modes of tooth wear
  • Deprogramming
  • Dentofacial Analyzer
  • CR Techniques
  • Build-up Techniques
  • Transfer of the wax up
  • Isolation
  • Workflow digital and analogue


2-4 February 2023


It is currently not possible to enroll