Our mission

We want to improve the world, just like a lot of other people (hopefully). And how do we do that? By helping to get the best out of everyone in the field of dentistry, company management and/or personal development. And why us? We are competent healthcare professionals who take great pride in our work and are happiest when we can talk to passionate colleagues, learn and absorb knowledge like a sponge, and of course have robust discussions. But we are also people who sometimes make mistakes, who experience highs and lows and bounce back. And then maybe make the same mistakes again, but learn from them (and share them). Because making mistakes means that you learn, live and therefore also grow!

What can we do for you?

We see the bigger picture. We look at the person behind the teeth and make a sound plan and risk analysis based on that. It is not only good for the patient that "there’s never a reason to go to the dentist", it is also good for you as a professional. That is the honour of your work. But do you (to achieve that) also dare to tackle bigger problems? And where do you even start if there are more problems than just one cavity? What makes the situation the way it is now? Because only by understanding that will you find a solution.

Our courses

Do your patients also break everything in their mouth? To find out why, which risk assessments you can make for a patient and how you can make and implement a complete treatment plan, you can follow our modules. In 3 different modules you will learn more about function and occlusion theory, treatment planning and structure.

get surprised by

Bekijk deze Expand your knowledge op BITE Functional Dentistry

Expand your knowledge

Let's get surprised by everything you didn't know

Bekijk deze Learning in a safe space op BITE Functional Dentistry

Learning in a safe space

Asking 'stupid' questions is what we invite you to do!

Bekijk deze Hands on op BITE Functional Dentistry

Hands on

Practice during the courses with the other attendees

Bekijk deze Ready to apply! op BITE Functional Dentistry

Ready to apply!

You can use your new knowledge directly on Monday at the practice


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