Module I: Functional occlusion

Module I: Functional occlusion


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Information course

We are happy to share our knowledge with you with great passion and pleasure, in a safe environment where 'mistakes' are allowed. Where asking questions, as much as comes to mind, is allowed. Where making corrections to our work is allowed. But we will also flood you with information, Dentistry 2.0 as we call it. We take you on our journey through function & occlusion. As John Kois so beautifully quotes "you can only see it when you're there". In which bite registration can you make what exactly? How do you start a 'big case'? Which case is actually complex and which is easy? How does the envelope of function work, are cracks only created by amalgam and/or clenching? Which people actually clench? And do you work in MIP or Centric? And how do you achieve CR? Do you want to understand all that, come learn with us!

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learning goals

  • Risk analysis
  • Etiology of toothwear
  • Centric relation vs Maximum intercuspid position
  • Use of Kois Dental History form
  • Angle classification


25-26 november 2022 (full)
3-4 February 2023 (Sydney, Australia)
2-3 juni 2023


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