Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

Article 1 – Definitions
1.1. BITE Functional Dentistry, this is understood to mean BITE Functional Dentistry V.O.F. takes care of the registration, administration, organization and invoicing of the participants.
1.2. Activities, this includes courses, conferences, symposia, training courses and seminars.
1.3. Participant, this is understood to mean the person who visits one of the activities mentioned above in 1.2, whether or not for payment.

Article 2 – Validity of conditions
2.1. These terms and conditions apply to all activities of BITE Functional Dentistry.
2.2 Any general terms and conditions of the client do not bind BITE Functional Dentistry. BITE Functional Dentistry acts exclusively under its own conditions.

Article 3 – Registration Participant
3.1. All registrations must be made in writing. You can register via our website www.bitedentistry.nl or by e-mail (info@bitedentistry.nl). The registration, as mentioned in 1.2, takes place in order of receipt of registration. After registration via the website you will receive a confirmation of registration by e-mail. After receiving the confirmation, your registration is final. You have 14 days to change your mind, after which the cancellation conditions apply. Reflection period does not apply to in-company training courses.
3.2. When registering for the course, the invoice is immediately drawn up and you must pay for the course. After registration you still have 14 days to change your mind during which the paid course will be refunded.
3.3. Before the start of an activity you will receive further information about the location, programme, syllabus (if applicable) etc.
3.4. If an activity is fully booked, you will be notified as soon as possible. Your name will be placed on a waiting list and you will be notified when an extra activity is organized or when the next activity takes place.

Article 4 – Cancellation
4.1 Cancellation by participant
In the event of a cancellation of an activity, after the 14-day cooling-off period, depending on the time of cancellation, costs will be charged:
In case of cancellation more than 1 month before the activity start date, 25% of the participation price.
In case of cancellation within 1 month before the activity start date, 50% of the participation price.
In case of cancellation less than 2 weeks before the activity start date, 75% of the participation price.
In case of cancellation less than 1 week before the start date of the activity, we cannot issue a refund.

4.2 Cancellation by BITE Functional Dentistry
4.2.1. If an activity is canceled due to an insufficient number of registrations (minimum 2), you will be notified about three weeks before the start of the course and the (possible) paid costs will be refunded.
4.2.2 At the expense of external arrangements (hotel arrangements, etc.), no refund will be given on parts that are not used.
4.3– Force Majeure
4.3.1. Force majeure is understood to mean any circumstance independent of BITE Functional Dentistry, which permanently or temporarily prevents the fulfillment of the agreement by BITE Functional Dentistry, as well as insofar as this does not already include war, danger of war, civil war, riot, strike, exclusion of workers, transport difficulties, fire and other serious disruptions within the business of BITE Functional Dentistry or its suppliers.
4.3.2. BITE Functional Dentistry is not obliged to fulfill any obligation in the event of force majeure. In the event that, as a result of force majeure, BITE Functional Dentistry is unable to fulfill the agreement, the participant is obliged to pay BITE Functional Dentistry for the work performed up to that point.

Article 5.1 – Payment terms
5.1.1 Questions about amounts charged must be made known in writing to BITE Functional Dentistry within 14 days of receipt of the confirmation/invoice.
5.1.2. The amounts charged by BITE Functional Dentistry are immediately due and payable. Payments must be made by the student no later than 2 weeks before the course date or, if the course date falls within this term, always before the start of the course.
5.1.3. In case of non-payment of the full amount within two weeks before the course date, BITE Functional Dentistry will send one payment reminder.
5.1.4. If the participant again does not or not fully comply with the payment obligation within 14 days of the date of the payment reminder, BITE Functional Dentistry is entitled to take collection measures or to charge third parties with this without further notice of default.
5.1.5. In the event of payment arrears, BITE Functional Dentistry is entitled to refuse the student access to the relevant course or to require payment in cash.
5.1.6. All extrajudicial collection costs associated with the collection of claims are at the expense of the participant. These costs amount to at least 15% of the principal with a minimum of €50.

Article 5.2 – Payment

5.2. Payment at once

The course fees must be paid in one go through the digital invoice sent to you, stating the invoice number on the bank account number as stated on the invoice.

Article 6 – Copyright reservation
6.1. All materials and graphic or other designs made by or on behalf of BITE Functional Dentistry, made in the context of the execution of the agreement, remain the intellectual property of BITE Functional Dentistry. The ownership of the course/training material lies with BITE Functional Dentistry.

Article 7– Applicable law
7.1. Dutch law applies to all agreements of BITE Functional Dentistry.

Article 8 – Disputes
8.1. All disputes about the agreement or the implementation thereof, including the applicability of these terms and conditions, will be settled exclusively by the competent court within the District of the Court in Amsterdam, even if the client is not established in the Netherlands.

Article 9 – Privacy Policy

9.1 From 25 May 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) applies in all member states of the European Union. We will act in accordance with the guidelines of the AVG. Your data will remain in our sole possession and this information will never be passed on to third parties without your permission.

9.2 BITE Functional Dentistry processes personal data about you because you use our services and/or because you provide them to us yourself. Below is an overview of the personal data that we process:

E-mail address
phone number
Address details (private and/or work address)
Date of birth
First and last name
BIG number
9.3 In addition to ordinary personal data, we process special personal data if these are relevant and necessary for the performance of our services, following your assignment.
9.4 BITE Functional Dentistry processes your personal data for the following purposes;
Handling your payment
Monitor your progress in the relevant training
Sending our newsletter
To provide necessary information regarding the training
To be able to call you if necessary to carry out our services
To deliver goods or services to you
BITE Functional Dentistry also processes personal data if we are legally obliged to do so, such as data that we need for our tax return.
BITE Functional Dentistry processes your special personal data to enable us to carry out our services.

Article 10 – Liability

10.1. BITE Functional Dentistry is not liable for any damage that has arisen for the other party, unless there is gross negligence or intent on the part of BITE Functional Dentistry or persons engaged by it. In this case, the liability is limited to the amount of the invoice or, if and insofar as there is an insured damage, to the amount actually paid out under the insured.

Complaints procedure

Article 1 Definitions

In these complaints regulations, the following terms are used in the following sense, unless explicitly stated otherwise, or the context shows otherwise:

BITE Functional Dentistry V.O.F.: trading under the name BITE Functional Dentistry

Complaint: any written expression of dissatisfaction made known by a student or client during the service he/she has received and submitted in accordance with these regulations.

Complaint handler: the person appointed by BITE Functional Dentistry to handle the complaint.

Complainant: the student or client who makes a complaint

Article 2. Purpose of the complaints procedure

The purpose of this complaints procedure is to resolve complaints in a low-threshold manner.

Article 3. Procedure

A complaint will only be handled if submitted in writing to complaints@bitedentistry.nl during or within 2 weeks after completion of the training or course and if the complainant has first tried to resolve the complaint amicably with the accused.

In any event, the complainant must state:

– His name, address, zip code, place of residence, telephone number and email address;

– The name of the person against whom the complaint is directed ("Defendant");

– (The period of) the training or course in which the complainant participates or has participated;

– A brief description of the complaint.

BITE Functional Dentistry records the date of receipt of the complainant's complaint. The complainant will receive a confirmation of receipt within two weeks of receipt of the complaint.

Within a maximum of 4 weeks after receipt of the complaint, the management will give the complainant the opportunity to explain his complaint. A report of this explanation is drawn up and sent to the complainant within 14 days.

Complaints submitted will be kept by BITE Functional Dentistry for a period of 1 year.

Within 4 weeks after the hearing, the management will make a decision in response to the complaint. If a longer period of time is required to conduct the investigation, the complainant will be notified within 4 weeks, with an explanation of the postponement and an indication of when a definitive answer is expected. The decision is communicated to the complainant in writing and includes at least the findings, conclusions, reactions and handling of the complaint.

If the complaint cannot be resolved in mutual consultation, an independent third party will be involved in the complaint to further handle it. The advice of this party is binding for BITE Functional Dentistry. Any consequences will be handled by BITE within 2 weeks.

A complaint will always be treated confidentially by BITE Functional Dentistry.


Exam and certificate

1. Training exam

1. The exam of the theoretical training consists of theory.

2. The exam of the theoretical and practical training consists of a theoretical part and a practical part

3. If all tests of the degree program have been passed (sufficiently), the exam has been passed.

2. Certificate

1. To the participant who has passed the exam, who has complied with the training obligations and who also further complies with the legal requirements, the relevant teacher will issue the certificate of the training.

2. For the date on which the certificate is obtained, the date on which it is established that the participant has passed the exam is used.

3. Certificate Signing

1. The certificate is signed by the relevant teacher(s) and BITE Functional Dentistry.


4. Shape of keys

1. The components of the degree program are assessed in the manner indicated in the assessment plan, which is included with the training material.

2. A participant with a functional disability can submit a written request to be given the opportunity to take the tests in a manner that is as adapted as possible to his individual disability. BITE Functional Dentistry may, with the written consent of the participant, seek advice from third parties before deciding on this request.

5. Testing the requirements

1. BITE Functional Dentistry will announce separately and in good time for each test which requirements are set when taking that test, so that the participant can prepare as well as possible.

6. Test conditions for participation

1. A participant may participate in the exam if he has met the training obligations and has passed the training.

2. If the participant has completed the test with an insufficient result, the participant may retake the exam.

a. A theory test may be retaken 3 times. There must be an interval of two weeks between each resit. If this is not achieved, the participant will not pass. The costs for a resit of a theory test are € 75.00.

b. If the participant has failed his practical exam, he can retake it during the next practical exam. The costs for this are € 175.00. If the participant wishes to have the resit placed in their own practice, the costs are € 350.00.

If the absence in half-days or the number of unsatisfactory marks for the assessed (home) work is higher than permitted, BITE Functional Dentistry will inform the participant about this in writing and also inform the participant that he/she will be excluded from participating in the test. The test is then regarded as not passed.

7. Standardization of the assessments

For each test, the assessment is based on rating, excellent / good / sufficient / insufficient / very bad.

8. Special and unforeseen cases

Special circumstances may make BITE Functional Dentistry decide to deviate from these regulations. The decision to deviate from the regulations can only be taken if this does not reasonably harm the interests of the participant.